Welcome to StreetRod Projects

September 7, 2008

Hello. You guys may know me as Joe from Falfurrias.

Building street rods and collecting hot rods has been a hobby for me most of my life. I enjoy finding them rotting away in fields and garages all over the country. Since I can’t keep them all, they’re always for sale. Unlike a lot of old car owners who would see their cars deteriorate rather then sell them so someone else can enjoy them, all my projects have a reasonable price. I’m not a pro. I just enjoy buying, selling, trading and talking old hot rods and rat rods.

Feel free to call me, e-mail or comment, or better yet, drop by anytime. If coming from out of town, call me first, as I’m not always in. Sure would hate to miss you!

1927 roadster

December 16, 2006

A previous project of mine.

27 roadster

27 roadster

27 Roadster

27 roadster